Right to Smile and to be Happy

Agrupamento de Escolas de Casquilhos was an important partner in the organisation of this fantastic event, which involved 1000 participants and took place at the City Park on the 21st March. This activity promoted by “Associação Sorrir”, a non-profit association that promotes children’s physical, mental and emotional healthcare, also involved other local schools, the Health Education Project, the Town Hall and the Volunteer fire Department, as well as “Eva Dream” and RTP1.


We are very proud of having been given the chance to participate in the organisation of this huge smile within our School Health Education Project (in articulation with the goals of the Comenius Project “Different Cultures, Different Ideas, the Same Human Rights in the Voice of Young People”).

We helped with the choice of the right location for the event, mobilised our teachers and students to take part in the activity and prepared and stapled the 1400 yellow and pink paperboards that coloured the smile. This hard task was voluntarily carried out by some of our 11th and 12th graders.

(https://www.facebook.com/omaiorsorrisodomundo/photos/pb.178540235646814.-2207520000.1406652912./269140836586753/?type=3&theater )

On the day of the event, teachers, school caretakers, parents and students from our school amalgamation, mostly from our kindergartens, primary schools and structured teaching units, up to a total of 750 people, showed up at the City Park, where they joined their peers from all the other local schools/school amalgamations. Together they managed to build a magnificent smile, a symbol of the importance of the right to smile and to be happy.

This initiative, whose main aim was to encourage a more positive participation in school life through the promotion of a healthier school environment so as to decrease bullying cases and improve school achievement, also allowed the participating students to:

- Acquire social and civic competences;

- Improve their organizational skills;

- Promote tolerance and respect;

- Accept “different” classmates, especially those with special needs.

The formation of the smile culminated in the distribution of gerberas, an offer by the project “Eva Dream”, which also served to commemorate the World Forest Day and the beginning of spring. Definitely a colourful way to finish the event that brought a smile on everybody’s faces and left an unforgettable mark on all participants!

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