Throughout the history of our planet a lot has been done as far as the respect for human rights is concerned, but, unfortunately, there is still a long way to go before people from all over the world are guaranteed all the rights stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, people from 4 different countries, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Turkey,  decided to get together and develop a two-year project aimed at raising awareness of human rights-related issues, thus trying to contribute to a more equal and just society.

The main aim of our project is to encourage our students to participate more actively at school level and to acquire social awareness of their rights and duties in a democratic society. While developing the project, students will be encouraged to:

- develop a common awareness of belonging to a European culture;

- develop knowledge of their rights and duties in a European framework;

- acquire social and civic competences, which are crucial in a democratic world;

- improve their organization skills;

- become more motivated towards learning and communicating in English;

- widen their horizons;

- develop transferable skills, including language, scientific, artistic and ICT skills along with interpersonal skills;

- respect and disseminate human rights and the values of democracy.

- strengthen tolerance and respect for other people and cultures;

- develop a sense of mutual respect between immigrants and non-immigrant students;

- accept different mates, especially the ones with special needs;

- deepen their awareness of gender differences and recognize gender equality as a fundamental human right.

Several activities such as exhibitions, workshops, debates, volunteering campaigns, plays and the creation of videos will be carried out so that all the goals previously mentioned might be successfully achieved.