Logo Selection

At application level it was decided that our school, Escola Secundária de Casquilhos, would create the logo for the project. The 12th graders of the Graphic Design Vocational Course were the selected ones to carry out such an important task (picture). Twelve logos were designed and presented to our partners during the 1st working session of the International Comenius Meeting that took place in our country. After a thorough analysis of all the logos, the one designed by Neuza Ribeiro was the chosen one to represent the project. It was not an easy decision due to the quality of all the logos; therefore we can’t help feeling proud of all the students involved in this activity. Thank you all for your commitment and hard work!


Daniela Moutinho

Roberta Lima

Maura Silva

Melanie Rosa

Yulia Pavelko

Roberta Lima

Yulia Pavelko


Nádia Silva

Roberta Lima

Miguel Alves


Ivanildo Luz

 the winner 

Neuza Ribeiro

The choice of this logo was dictated by its guiding principles and immediate association with the goals of the project. The speech balloons represent not only communication, but also young people’s right to have their voices heard. While their colours portray the existence of several ideas, convictions and cultures, their shape and size remind us of the necessity to promote the respect for equal rights. The word “US”, written in capital letters and placed prominently in the logo, promotes young people’s strength and energy in the world.


Logo Comenius - Neuza Ribeiro.pdf (384,7 kB)