Art Exhibition - Italy


In our Istituto three kind of schools are present: Nursery school, Primary school, Secondary school. The Art Exhibition has been a chance for each school to work with children and students on their rights and responsibilities  producing in the end  art or photo works.

At the opening our principal, Mr Attilio Desiderio pointed out the importance of the Partnership and the cooperation between the different grades of our School while prof. Storchi explained aims and activities of the project.


Nursery School “Andersen”

The activity took place in the group of children aged 5, the oldest ones, where a conversation was held in preparation of the Childreen’s Rights World Day on 20th November.

After thta conversation which was really interesting children prepared a large poster with a world map at the centre and each child drew himself/herself with open arms all around in order to build a circle with his/her mates.

Then, in small groups, they filled the world map at the centre with different techniques and material.

Finally the groups mimed what they thought most important for a child to grow peaceful and happy, and some photos were taken and put between the world map and the children circle.

Primary School “G.  Rodari”

We needed 10 periods to prepare, start, realize our activity on children’s rights and photo on them.

In class we did a ‘circle time’ activity on the rights to check what they knew about the topic and their interests. After that we drew a concept map on the rights

On November 20th we read the Convention on Children’s Rights, analysed its different categories and elicited pupils on the meaning they have for them, especially the ones present in their daily life in order to be aware of them.

In December Mr. Storchi, English teacher and some students from secondary School came to show us a video on Children’s Rights.

Then pupils found out pictures on magazines and newspapers illustrating the fundamental rights; with them they produced some posters with news and pictures.

After these activities some parents came to class for a lesson on photography.

In our 6th period we  did a pair work with a different right for each couple of pupils in order to get an idea about a photo on that same right. After this all class discussed the ideas and gave suggestions to get to the final project on photos.

In the last three periods some parents came to class to help children to realize photos in small groups then we did a pair work on ‘creative writing’ to write poems related to the rights.

Here are some of the photos and some of the poems translated into English taken and written by class 4B with help of parents and teacher Mrs Miriam Dazzi.

             Right to equality                             Right not to be kidnapped                             Right to be loved


            Right to equality                                                                                       Right to Family

           Playing all together                                                                     Living together is a valuable treasure

           Eating all together                                                                         Having a family

          Going to school all together                                                          is a wonderful thing.

           Descovering new things all together                                              Having people

           Reading all togethe                                                                        who love you

.           Learning all together                                                                    means something.

           Getting friends all together                                                          It means something,

            Travelling all together                                                                if they do not leave you

           Sharing all together                                                                   In front of a door.

         Because we are all EQUAL.                                                          It means something

        Ali Shah    Alex Piccolo                                                                     if people arond you

                                                                                                 Nishain Imihamilage       Alessia Ghironi

            Right to Health                       Right to Free Opinion                        Right to Family


Right to free thought and opinion                                                Right not to work                                                        

     We are free to think,                                                                           We don’t want to work,

      nobody can stop us.                                                                             but to test and play

   We can choose which game to play                                                        to be happy.

     the belief  to follow,                                                                                We don’t want orders,

.    the path to walk along.                                                                            listen to our opinions.

    Having different thoughts                                                                          Who wants us to work

   from our friends’ ones,                                                                                probably doesn’t know

    from people’s ones,                                                                                    that we are people

 of those who want to force us,                                                                      to be protected

           in a game                                                                                             to be educated

         in a belief                                                                                                to be loved.

         in a path

        In a thought.

Lorenzo Cerini              Samuele Stefani                                                    Leonardo Callegari  Noah Gualdi 

        Right to Life  and name                               Right not to work                        Right to Education



       Right to Education                                                                                      Right to live in peace

 I would like to go to school.                                                                                  Let’s paint a world without wars and violence

 I would like  to study.                                                                                           the hope in a new life,

 I would like   to listen.                                                                                          freedom for each man.

 I would like   to learn to write,                                                                              The rainbow shining

 to draw.                                                                                                               the colours of peace.

So,                                                                                                                         Red, happiness

  I would like to meet new friends,                                                                         orange, quietness

I would like  to have materials,                                                                              yellow, cheerfulness,

what I need.                                                                                                           green, serenity,

I would like  to face many challenges                                                                   light blue, trust in the other,

 and help my mates to overcome them.                                                               indigo blue, friendship,

 I would also like to make mistakes,                                                                      Purple, for justice.

 someone to push me to try again.                                                                        A thousand smiling faces,

 I would like. Let me try.                                                                                        a thousand of children games,

                                                                                                                               protected under this rainbow.

                                                                                                                              Let’s open our eyes to the heart

                                                                                                                               And help this world to change.

Izhan Zubair           Francesca Brancaccio                                                          Federico Blasotta Alexandro Ligotino  


The workshop will continue with Mr Storchi’s participation in class during second term to work on rights and English in order to make pupils be more confident with this language.


Scuola Secondaria di 1° grado “Guido Fassi”

Our classes at Scuola Secondaria (Middle School) worked both with English and Italian teachers, analyzing the Convention on Children’s Rights, the Art teachers all together worked as well in different ways but the results have certainly been good.

Here we attach some of the main works students of different classes did on rights.

Some classe with teacher Mrs Ferrara worked on a long large strip on different rights and the result was this.

A long wall half covered with a huge strip on children’s right.

Other classes worked in a more traditional way with Mrs Gabriella Bonarrigo. Students produced lots of works but here we attach only the nicest ones for each right.

        Children's Rights                Every child has two lives,

t                                             he one he/she dreams and the one he/she suffers        United in Diversity


      Right to Equality and No discrimination                                                             Right to Peace


                    Right to Play                                    Right to Education                             Right to Health


  Right to food and water                        Right not to work                                Right to  life and happiness


            No to drugs                                                     No to violence