1- This year for what Volunteering  is concerned within the Comenius Partnership "Different cultures, different ideas the same human rights in the voice of young students, we had different experiences.

Teachers at Nursery School "Agorà" part of our Istituto Comprensivo, created an original event on 25th January with the Feast of Peace in collaboration with the consortium ConCarpi, Carpi C'è and the Municipality of Carpi. 

Our students had to volunteer at helping small children in where they went in small groups. Besides  they had to be involved learning dance and other parts to be held on a Flash Mob on 25 January afyernoon Involved in the event were not only citizens of all comprehensive schools , from nursery schools up to high school, with the participation of hundreds of children, pupils and students, but were also given the opportunity for the institutions that arise on other territories , to run your own Flash Mob at the same time that the Carpi , and then send the pictures of the event . The meeting will be , at 16 , in Piazza martiri , in front of the Teatro Comunale will be here that children , parents, teachers will dance in a colorful and participated Flash Mob on the notes of good music.

The president of the School Council, Mr Francesco Grillenzoni was the star with his song and music playing his guitar.




2- Classes 3 D and 3 G volunteered in preparing the True Act of Kindness Week. It was a long and hard job done in class 3 G by means of technologial devices and in class 3 D in group work thinking at the best way to plan the week and how the student could volunteer during the week.

The Organization of the Acts of Kindness Week took a lot of work and eventually students decided to plan the following:
1 . Recording  acts of kindness in a diary ( paper or blog)
2 . Treasure chest with gold coins in the lobby ( for the final competition: guess the number of coins )
3 . Competition of original quotes on kindness ( to be done before the week).
The posters and the best phrases are :
- Printed and hung on the walls of the school
- Written on the cards for the " kindness cookies " (see item 7)
4 . Exhibition: " The kindness increased " in the hallways of the school : posters with quotes will be points of interest that would recall a video or multimedia resources created by the guys on the topic.
5 . Secret Santa for last day the boys prepare strips with the names of all pupils in the school (each with a quote on kindness ) by putting them in an envelope for each class and go to deliver Monday April 7 in individual classrooms . Each boy receives a card with a name ( it returns only if the right to receive ) . You must not tell anyone the name written on your note. During the week, the person will look and try what can be the gift / thought most liked to do / bring on Saturday . You do not necessarily have to deal with a new object or value : it can be a symbolic object , or a note , a drawing or whatever.

6 . Creating a Facebook page Settimanagentilezza and an email address ( ) . Students can also send e-mail a description of the acts of kindness made ​​and invented quotes or post them on Facebook.

7 . Cookies kindness : you need to find about 20 moms / pupils / grandmothers available to produce about fifty head of cookies (please precise accounts ) inserted in colored paper napkins and closed with wire wool. A bag for every pupil : all arranged in wicker baskets on tables in the lobby with pupils / parents to deploy. In each bag there will be:
two cookies and a note with quote kind.

8 . Prize giving classes kind : a class for the first one for the second , one for third .

9 . Volunteering: a visit to the House of Volunteers proposal to the first and second classes who want to join. It is also proposed collection of basic necessities (Initiative : add a product to your cart ) .

10 . Final day : 1 hour for the guys with kind acts selected readings from the diaries of the edge , alternating with images and videos posters citations created by the boys ;
Then award the kinder class by association " Aiassa ."


11 . Initiatives on the parents : Activities that involve parents:
- Opening Concert Orchestra of the week " Tonelli " Carpi , Friday, April 4 , at the club Graziosi.
- Concerto for horn - Forghieri Professor Classroom " Fassi "
- Meeting and exhibition of dogs of Lions ( Saturday, 12 after 11:00 am )

It also requires the cooperation and availability :
Whitewash the school hallways with different colors ( fixing of wooden slats on which to fix kids' drawings , spatial orientation , various ads etc. .. )