Istituto Comprensivo Carpi 2

Scuola Media Statale '' Guido Fassi'' with its 497 students aged 11-14 is part of Istituto Comprensivo Carpi2 ( 1185 pupils and students ) which includes two Nursery, three Primary and one Secondary schools. It is also the school for CTP ( Centro Territoriale Permanente ) which has afternoon and evening courses of Italian for about 800 adult immigrants. It is situated in Carpi, a city with 70000 inhabitants in the north of Italy, in the wealthy area of Emilia Romagna. It's an industrial city especially on textile, fashion and mechanic sectors. There are three Secondary schools (Middle Schools) in Carpi and ours is in the eastern part of the city. . One of the main aim of our school is ‘not only teaching how to learn but also how to be’, the school wants to pass on the fundamental values of every society: self-respect and respect for other people, being aware that every person has got his/her own personal dignity and rights. 

Students come from  a low-middle social context.  Many students lack motivation and study, there are at least 3-4 dyslexia students for each class to whom we must have special care. A big problem is bullying which is present in some classes; we have projects about  this especially held by Unione Terre d’Argine, a very important local organization which supports every school with its psychologists and projects. There are also good relationships with local Town Hall Administration, Cassa di Risparmio Foundation,  local libraries, museums, Fossoli deportation camp, child neuropsychiatry, sports clubs and associations, voluntary organizations with which every year projects are held.

 Particular attention must be given to non-European immigrant students. According to the latest report on immigration in the area by the Region Emilia Romagna, non-European students in Carpi and nearby Municipalities make up 13,2%  of the whole student population. They are mainly from Pakistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Romania, Turkey, India, Moldova, China, Ukraine, Albania, Russia. Some of these students are really motivated and with very good results but the large majority has problems at school like demotivation and  failure due to lack of study and bad behavior. Some cases of bullying by immigrants have recently been detected and a special project has been held for them even if with lots of problems and difficulties.  

In this context the project would be a great resource to develop the knowledge of European values and cultures.


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Written by the Italian Team