Koc Ilkogretim Okulu

Koç Primary School acquires 1076 students including 576 boys and 500 girls. We have 32 classrooms, some informatics technologies laboratories, a library up student's sleeve. Moreover, there is a convention centre where the meetings, plays, competitions, seminars and celebration ceremonies are held. There are also nursery classes within Koç Primary School. Outside the school, we have volleyball and basketball grounds.

Koç Primary School is situated at the northwest of the city, Şanlıurfa, with 1500000 inhabitants.

The main aim of our school is teaching how to learn and preparing students for the High School Entrance Exam called SBS. During the academic year, we aim at making students realize fundamental values of every society; self respect, respect for other people, personal dignity and human and student rights.

In our region students come from low social context. Many students lack motivation and study . Moreover, most of our pupils have to work after school because of the fact that they have got big families and inadequate economic comfort. On the other hand our pupils have no chance to travel even in their own city, so they have no chance to know other cultures.  Thanks to this project they will know other cultures and also improve their perspective. Besides there are 5-6 dyslexia students whom we support with social administrations such as Guidance Service and Guidance Search Centre (RAM)

On the other hand there is a big variety of cultures such as Kurdish, Arabian and Turkish. This gives way to students coming from different cultures live in peace and democracy. Thanks to this variety ,they are aware of the fact that everyone has the equal and justice rights. It provides students to behave equally to all people and respect others' rights.

At the beginning of the each academic year a 'student president' is chosen with election for the classroom management. Volunteers are recognized and the students vote for a volunteer who seems as the best candidate for the duty. On the other hand school and classroom representatives are chosen with election for pupils' council. Another way of making students being realized about students' rights is attending activities of Rights of the Children and Human Club.

Besides each academic year starts with creating classroom and school rules, which are decided by brainstorming methodology with the help of volunteer students again.


Written by the Turkish team