Peddy-paper - Gender equality


On 21st November there was a peddy-paper on Gender Equality at our school, Escola Secundária de Casquilhos.

This peddy-paper, whose purpose was to study the existence of gender sterotypes within some tasks, had nine activities meant to be performed by 8th, 9th, 10 th and 11th graders.


All activities have been thought and prepared by 12th grade students (Biology students).



Station 1 - Johnson's baby

This work intended to show the gender inequality, by making both sexes understand and value the opposite sex.

We tried to show that both sexes are capable of doing the same tasks and equally, through the following task: Taking care of some of the basic needs of a baby, such as, changing a diaper, giving the baby a bath, and dress him.

Report made by students (PT)


Station 2 – All different, all alike

“ALL DIFFERENT, ALL ALIKE” was the name we gave to our activity, the main goals of which were:firstly, to expose some gender differences; secondly, to prove that such differences, not only make us more similar,  but also bring us closer to each other and make us stronger. Basically, our activity consisted of a Gymkhana, including three games. Each of them was based on a saying, a proverb or a popular expression, which highlighted some gender difference or conveyed some sort of discrimination / stereotype.

Report made by students (PT)



Station 3 – Party & co

We carried out our activity in the study hall to do a little "advertising" to the students and also showing them that they have a room to study whenever they want, with the support of many teachers.

In our post, Party & Co (post number 3), we aimed to test the performance and communication between them (boys and girls).

Report made by students (PT)


Station 4 – Roleplay

Our post had as activity reverse genderes in small roleplays with five alternative scenarios. This activity had the goal to show the difficulties of each gender in different situations.

No video was made on this activity so that students could have a more natural performance.

Report made by students (PT)



Station 5 - Everything Neat and Clean

Each team had to hang and fold a specific number of clothing items in 8 minutes.

Report made by students (PT)



Station 6 - Playing with mom and dad

A good way to educate the children is playing with them. When the parents play with their children, they are teaching them to lose their fears and to deal with their frustrations. It is the best way to help them with the challenges of life and overcome obstacles.

With this activity we pretend to bring back old jokes that united parents and children. We focused largely in outdoor jokes, because we think that nowadays the jokes became to focus on videogames and computers.

We connect our activity to the gender inequality because there are too many stereotypical jokes. For example, playing with dolls, who said that is only for girls? The father can not accomplish this task as well as the mother? Or play football? Only boys are good at playing football?

That is the gold of our activity; it is to prove that anyone can play with whatever they want. No matter the gender of someone, that person can play with their children to wherever she wants. And the same applies to the children, any children can play with their brothers and sisters and friends without suffer any kind of pressure to be playing with something restricted to gender.

Report made by students (PT)




Station 7 - Home in Despair

Each team had the challenge to tidy up a bedroom in 8 minutes.

Report made by students (PT)





Station 8 - Against the Clock

The name of the station is Against the Clock, our group has three elements and with this work we have aimed to observe and describe the performance of nine groups consisting of four elements (two girls and two boys) the task that is required.

Report made by students (PT)


Station 9 – The Catwalk

In this post, the participants had to tighten screws and then overcome an obstacle course with high heels. In the end, they had to answer a simple questionnaire.

The purpose of this post was to test the ability of the participants in performing stereotyped activities to a certain gender.

Report made by students (PT)



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