Violence against women is undoubtedly one of the worst violations of human rights. Unfortunately, it is considered to be “the most pervasive yet least recognized human rights abuse in the world".

Its many forms, physical, sexual, psychological and economic, are interrelated and affect women from birth to old age, which has long-lasting consequences and costs. Women impacted by it are more likely to suffer physical, mental, behavioural and reproductive health problems, apart from having their sexuality and dignity compromised. Moreover, evidence shows that violence against women also has a negative impact on their families, communities, societies and economies.

Given the serious health, intergenerational and socioeconomic costs of this type of abuse, fighting for its end is a top priority. Therefore, in solidarity with the one billion of women and girls that will experience violence at some point in their lifetime, the ninth graders attending class C in our school decided to embrace The One Billion Rising Campaign. In the morning of the 14th February, during the 2nd classroom break, from 11h50 to 12h00, they danced and challenged the other members of the school community to join them as a way to condemn all sorts of violence against women and raise awareness of this serious violation of human rights. Another step towards a fairer world!