Classes 4A and 4B Primary School 'Rodari': a workshop on English language and Child Rights. "A new Life": final play.

As soon as Italian coordinator presented Comenius Partnership at the school staff, primary teacher Ms Miriam Dazzi understood the importance of the project and asked to be involved in it with another class of her school in order to make her pupils understand children's rights and learn more English. Also class 4 A with teacher Mrs Floriana Ippolito was involved in the project which was planned with the following steps:

  • Explaining Rights in each class; In class we did a ‘circle time’ activity on the rights to check what they knew about the topic and their interests. After that we drew a concept map on the rights.
  • On November 20th we read the Convention on Children’s Rights, analysed its different categories and elicited pupils on the meaning they have for them, especially the ones present in their daily life in order to be aware of them.
  • In December Mr. Storchi, English teacher and some students from secondary School came to show us a video on Children’s Rights.
  • Then pupils found out pictures on magazines and newspapers illustrating the fundamental rights; with them they produced some posters with news and pictures
  • After these activities some parents came to class for a lesson on photography. We needed 10 periods to prepare, start, realize our activity on children’s rights and photo on them.
  • In our 6th period we did a pair work with a different right for each couple of pupils in order to get an idea about a photo on that same right. After this all class discussed the ideas and gave suggestions to get to the final project on photos.
  • In the last three periods some parents came to class to help children to realize photos in small groups then we did a pair work on ‘creative writing’ to write poems related to the rights. In class 4 A pupils discussed rights and prepared posters about them. You can find the result of the activities on Italian Art Exhibition.
  • Mr Enea Storchi Incerti, Italian coordinator and English teacher at Scuola Media "Guido Fassi" started lesson in these classes from February to end of May once a week in order to make pupils improve their basic English and to make them more aware of their rights and duties. The result of his workshop was an original play named "A New Life" written and created by Mr Storchi who directed and organized  its realization with the help of the two teachers Dazzi and Ippolito. The final play was on June 7th for all parents who really appreciated the work and the Headmaster, Mr Attilio Desiderio who expressed his deep congratulations for the work of the teachers and students.