Science: Right to Food and Healthcare

This project has been held by Science teachers, Mrs Letizia Bassoli and Ms Maddalena Natale in classes 2 E and 2 G. Here students have studied two fundamental rights: the right to food and the right to health and medical care.

To aim at this target, the classes were divided in work groups and each group had to cope with a different theme which finally had to be exemplified on posters, making also comparisons between underdeveloped countries and developed ones.

The themes studied were:

  • There are people dying for hunger in the world,
  • Skeletal problems related to poor nutrition.
  • Obesity.
  • Food and water Hygiene.
  • Vitamin deficiency diseases.
  • Medical and dental care.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Comparison between breakfast and lunch typical of the different countries and / or regions of origin of students in each class. In this case, the children were directly involved in the creation of images and asked them to photograph their own breakfast and lunch.

           The work involved the following steps:

  1. Poster individual design: each student has stretched out his/her idea of work and submitted it to the teacher.
  2. Group design: every student has set out his/her ideas to other members of the group and from the collective work is derived the final and shared design and poster.
  3. Division of tasks: on the basis of joint planning group, the students decided what job do individually: research or creation of images, historical bibliographic research, graphic design…
  4. Realization of poster material: various materials have been used to arrive at the poster final draft on the basis of previously shared ideas.
  5. Presentation of their work to the class by each student.
  6. Exhibition of posters in the classrooms as well as in common areas during the Italian Mobility  in April.
  7. Multimedia presentations, under construction, related to the work to be included in the official website of the Comenius project as documentation of the activity.



Every year in the world 5-20 millions           Comparing poor and rich children: poverty,               Vaccinations

people die for hunger. Most of them are       hunger, suffering against wealth, waste,

children                                                         indifference




       Italian Lunch   Pasta                                 Portoguese Dish: Bacalao                    Cous Cous: Arabic Dish


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