Networks and their risks: criminologist dr. Roberta Bruzzone at Carpi 2    

The risks of the web? You win by educating. 


Among the activities held by I.C.Carpi2 for second year of Comenius Partnership the famous criminologist dr. Roberta Bruzzone was invited to give a lecture on Thursday, March 6th evening with an audience of about two hundred adults: Lions club Alberto Pio  chaired by Cristina Ascari, who had invited her to Carpi, parents, educators and teachers, then on Friday, March 7th morning entertained the five hundred pupils of Scuola Media Guido Fassi  with its headmaster dr. Attilio Desiderio. The internationally renowned criminologist Roberta Bruzzone, famous for her participation to Italian TV programmes such as "La vita in diretta" and " Porta a Porta", was in Carpi for a day in an event that saw the athletes involved Universal Volleyball Stephen Allorini and the association " La Caramella Buona" " that for years has been deployed in defense of children in the fight against pedophilia . Internet and network, pedophilia, child pornography and with bullying were in fact at the center of interventions by Roberta Bruzzone who expressed her own way, clearly and passionately, the main nodes of the growing youth problems . "There is a gap between this adult generation and their children, boys between 12 and 16 years old - said the criminologist - that many adults believe to fill giving them smartphones, tablets, computers. These tools , when used freely and without control, can create a virtual world in which young people are lost . The network itself is not a bad thing but it can become dangerous , alienating and confusing . Since on the web there is no system of protection and thus cyberbullying and cyberstalking were born that are the source of high-profile acts of violence and suicides among younger and less protected, sometimes victims of adult pedophiles. In a recent case involving the suicide of a fourteen year old , we have found that the herd had deluged with infamous text messages: many small virtual hands led her to take her own life . "Sometimes it goes into the net out of boredom but some adults took advantage . "For this - added on Dr. Mirabile, president of 'La Caramella Buona'- we are struggling to Parliament for an increase in penalties for pedophiles and for the establishment of standards to follow pedophiles in their movements . Just in Carpi , eleven years ago, we were to begin our activities, a pedophile convicted several times in other cities was brought to justice because of our employees recognized by a policeman as he wandered among the youth of the pool or at the station in search of  new victims . "

Lots of students asked questions to Mrs Bruzzone who answered with precision and warning young people by the use of networks improperly.