French: "Les droits des enfants en calligrammes" - Projet Comenius


Miss Ilaria Tagliazucchi and Mrs Daniela Pesce, French teachers have prepared and done this project in French for their classes.

Raise awareness among young people on the theme of children's rights (at the base of the Comenius Project);
strengthen the links between peers through forms of cooperative learning;
promote the confrontation between reality, cultures and ethnicities.

Specific learning objectives:
1. Reading Comprehension:
grasp the basic information of a written text by selecting the keywords and phrases most significant;
respond appropriately to questions concerning the selected text;
• be able to interpret the message contained in comic books related to the subject.

2. Writing:
• to make simple comments about the content of the proposed articles;
be able to describe the images used as a representation of selected rights;
implement Article calligrams inspired analyzed, accompanied by pictures and short poems;
produce "word cloud" by key words evoked from reading the article.

3. Speaking:
• reporting to the class on their work, explaining each step of the activity undertaken and justify the choice;
projection of any multimedia products and related comment.

Activity Steps:
1. Explanation of the objectives of the teaching proposal;
2. Multimedia presentation of the document "Astérix et l'album des droits des enfants";
3. Pupil-teacher discussion and debate on the topics in question;
4. Split into groups and assign the tasks to be performed;
5. Clarifications on the final product to be realized: the concept of calligram (poetry-drawing) and projections calligrams already performed by famous poets or students from other schools;
6. Socialization of the completed work.

Work mode:
in the classroom, in small groups, under the supervision of teachers;
at home: individual and / or group (tab-completion of assigned work).