Right to Equality: an activity with video by class 3 C

Production of a videoclip -  “You saved me”-  Skunk Anansie

Mrs Francesca Bisi, Italian teacher and Mrs Rosanna Piva, English teacher cooperated to develope this project on Right to Equality in one of their classes, 3 C at Scuola Media "Guido Fassi". These are the objectives of their work and how the project has been developed.


Educational objectives:

  • Reflecting  about the meaning of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its principles;
  • Helping  the students to understand   that each individual can offer a contribution to the community  taking an active part in the social and civil life.
  • Increasing the students’ awareness about human rights.


Development of the project:


The development of the project followed these steps:

  1. Lesson about human rights and people who stood out for their social and civil dedication both in the past and in the present age;  the aim was  to  motivate  the students,  explore their previous knowledge and  collect their reflections.
  2. Analysis of the main themes of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (respect for Identity, Equality, Family, Health, Education, protection from various forms of injustice and exploitation)
  3. Selection of articles to bring into focus:  freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; protection from any form of discrimination (articles 1; 2; 7; 8; 13; 14; 30; 31)
  4. Reading and analysis of the articles in Italian and English
  5. Conception and development of a text  about  how to overcome discrimination and acknowledge cultural differences through sharing;  sharing  is  the way towards a multi-ethnic society  able to foster  integration. If each individual follows  the tracks of the heroes who improved the world and takes action in their everyday life this goal can be achieved.
  6. Shooting of the videoclip,   set at school; all the students took part in the shots.
  7. Videoclip editing, with captions in Italian and English.