CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP: an activity in English and Spanish on children's rights

This activity has been done in the second term of this school year (from February to May) with Third year classes by Mr Enea Storchi Incerti , Italian project coordinator and English teacher and Mrs Egle Galassi, Spanish teacher.

Each class has worked in groups and each group had to write a story or a comment about one of the Right of the Children, they had analyzed before in all subjects.

Some students wrote a personal poem on a topic or on a right wich excellent results.

Students, at first, worked on worksheets to agree on characters, settings, plot writing a scheme that resulted useful when they started writing the story or the comment. Even weak students were involved looking for words in the dictionary. We used the cooperative learning methodology so also weak students could participate actively to the group work.


Stories on Children's Rights .pdf (1855887)