Democracy at Carpi 2: a small Parliament was born. An idea by class 2 D.

At Fassi now legislates the "Parlamentino" - A way to reintroduce Citizenship.

The first "Parlamentino" (little Parliament) of students was born on March 17th at Guido Fassi Scondary School.. Forty-two representatives, two from each class were chosen by about five hundred students of the school. 
 The Parliament met for the first time Monday morning March 17 to discuss the first steps and in turn elect its chairman and his deputy . "A strong educational initiative - said Professor Emilio Turci, teacher and coordinator of Italian and History on behalf of the teaching of this experiment - to make our students more involved in the school life and more aware of their rights and their duties" .
The first initiative that the new " Parlamentino " has faced in its inaugural meeting was the proposal to organize a " Week of Kindness " , "We have decided to open a facebook page dedicated - explain the very young Sarah Santoro and Giacomo Rossi , president and vice president of student representative body - on which to publish all acts of kindness (strictly anonymous ) that each student will turn against others. We will try to mobilize mothers and grandmothers to bake cookies for everyone and we are planning other initiatives on this wavelength . "
In parallel, the Parlamentino will be activated to urge the parents a maintenance of the school : the painting of the hallway entrance and corridors and cleaning of weeds in the garden. Initiatives that last year had been the preserve of only the parents , this time also become the responsibility of the boys. "I'll keep account of the proposals put forward by the " Parlamentino ", which I fully agree - promises the headmaster of the school , Attilio Desiderio - . This representative body will have an important role within the school . " But where does the idea of ​​a small student parliament ? "In high school - warns Professor Turci - the student representative is established experience . As part of the teaching of Citizenship in my class , the 2 ^ D , we tried to simulate the election of a parliament. I've seen a lot of enthusiasm among the boys so we thought it useful to give an outlet to the thing also on a practical level . The " Parlamentino " of Guido Fassi out of the phase of the simulation and also has practical tasks. A training ground for life for children who have been shown to be enjoying it . "